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So so sooooo excited!   I’ve been helping women, especially moms, start their journey on a life they DREAMED of.   Helping them connect with their inner Feminine Fire and start LIVING with passion and gratitude.  What I offer is like no other, so take a look at my MY PURPOSE page and see what my passion actually is.

Being a Fitness Expert, my programs consist of Holistic Nutrition, Exercise, Holistic Health Coaching, Juice Plus &  focus on WHOLE FOODS,  Life Coaching, Feminine Movement Dance and Healing Stones, I will have a HUGE IMPACT on your life.  Together we will create something INCREDIBLE!

Stick around and watch everything unfold and lives being changed!

Lots of love and sensually yours,


Nina  ❤️


Don’t Blame AGE For Your Weight Gain

Little tidbit of info….

That rounded belly you carry isn’t due to age. It’s because of the consumption of sugar. Sugar alone or all the sugar in processed foods. It causes the weight gain and inflammation. Inflammation in the gut is the cause of illness and disease!!

Remember, You CAN reverse illness or disease through nutrition and lifestyle! Choose what you feed your body. It matters!! And the same with your kids! You may not see an effect now…..but it will hit 5, 10, 20 years from now when illness or disease strikes.


I hear it too many times when people say “oh I don’t eat sugar.” My response in my head “😳🙈😖”.
If you are eating processed food, food that is NOT directly from the earth, then you ARE eating sugar…..and chemicals that also cause disease!

Need help with your nutrition and wellness? Message me! I can help you with your lifestyle change MORE then just changing food!!

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So I’m asking this question…..How Happy are you REALLY?!

Think about it. Truly think. Get deep!

As I go out, I notice SO MANY women who are NOT happy. Sure someone could be having a bad day. I get that.
Honestly though, so many women, especially moms, walking around just unfulfilled. It’s noticeable. They’ve lost their sparkle, their glow.

Trust me I know….because I’ve been there!

I took care of myself on the outside…..hair done, makeup on, dress up, etc even right after having a baby. Happy on the outside….But the internal, DEEP happiness was not there. I have a great relationship, great kids, etc, but internally it wasn’t there. I changed all that and so can you!

I promise you, it CAN be found. Reconnect to that inner feminine fire again! Maybe you’ve never experienced it before or it’s been hidden deep….now is the time! Don’t go the rest of your life just being. THINKING that THIS IS how life is suppose to be! Empty, not satisfying, no joy, no fulfillment.
It’s bullshit!

Life is SUPPOSE to be FREAKIN AMAZING!!! What you imagine it’s suppose to be like…..whether it’s BLISS, EPIC, FULLFILLING, etc, guess what, IT IS!!

Don’t get sucked into society or media….where everything is negative. That we are taught that as we age we deteriorate….our health declines, our looks decline, our sex life declines, that it’s all downhill from here!

Let me help you connect to that inner FEMININE FIRE that IS inside! Don’t continue to live your life just getting by and accepting this is it.

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