• Fitness Expert
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Pole Dance Instructor
  • Divine Feminine Movement Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master
  • Tapping (EFT) Level 2
  • IFBB Professional Athlete
  • Photographer & Makeup Artist
  • Mom to four BEAUTIFUL, spirited children, 9, 6, 4, 2

I’m a Mompreneur.

My Story…. In grade 10 I discovered I had an under active thyroid. So the next few years my weight was up and down. This was hard on me as I’ve always been a skinny gal. THIS is what first got me interested in health and food at this point. Starting to slowly understand food a bit. I was just scratching the surface.
I ended up taking a personal training and basic nutrition course to understand exercise and nutrition, for myself. Who knew I would make this my career.
In 2000 I started working in a gym, leaving my other business, where I was self employed, in aesthetics and makeup artistry. I got a passion to better my body even more. I started competing in fitness which was amazing. I loved the hard work, focus and determination it took to compete each time. I won almost every amateur show I competed in. I started training my own team of girls (some male bodybuilders too) whom most, would place top spots at the shows. A coach to over approx 500 beautiful, hard working ladies, was such an experience and honour. Each one has taught me something…. Something that makes me who I am today and how I help more beautiful women.i went on to host my own fitness and bodybuilding show for 5 years. It WAS the biggest in Canada for a regional show. Loved every minute of it.

I have been into sports my whole life….still active in waterskiing and downhill skiing. Played soccer in college, and started weight training with a determination to become a professional…..I achieved my goal in 2005, competing in two of the worlds BEST competitions, the Arnold Classic and Olympia. I spent most my life in a masculine world….. I was such a tomboy, growing up with brothers, dirt bikes, and my best friend for years was a boy.

I took a few hits to my life, like a boxer in the ring, some good blows to the body.
My brother passed away in a car accident in 1996, on Friday October 11, thanksgiving weekend. I was devastated. 5 years and 2 days later my mom passed, thanksgiving weekend, of ovarian cancer. I was again devastated but didn’t truly feel the loss until I had my first born in 2009, 8 years later.

I had a couple business upsets….Even though it hit me HARD, I look at it with gratitude.  I look at these as the universe shifting me into a new direction of what is actually meant for me. Something that I’m needing to do and that’s to help moms!
My passion, and purpose, started after having my first born.  I was feeling angry, having short tempers, feeling lonely, and unhappy deep inside…..like something was missing.   Then it grew stronger and stronger.  Three more kids later and understanding my body and the feminine,  I’m helping moms reconnect with themselves and helping them realize their beautiful feminine essence IS inside.

I’m here to guide women to reconnect to their FEMININE FIRE,  their inner spirt, through Yoga, Divine Feminine Movement and Pole Dance, Mediation, Exercise, Holistic Nutrition and Health, Life Coaching, and Personal Love. It will change their lives….their relationships around them….. and with themselves!


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