Mentoring wanted – from LD — I feel I need a mentor, someone who knows about running a home based business — and you seem to know a thing or two! I have a few things I want to combine. I feel I have so much to offer it when it comes to business I get overwhelmed! I strive to be successful and confident — plus you’re not intimidated by others women’s success. I’ve reached out to others in the past, for guidance, and they never wanted to help for fear I might steal their business — even if I was in a totally different region. It’s so frustrating, that every man for himself mentality. I’m all about connecting and helping people too!

Kind Words – from CJ — Thanks for the info Nina, you are such an inspirational person in all areas of life and look absolutely amazing pregnant.Love reading all your post on life and nutrition. When I start talking organic and gmo or pesticide free, my family thinks I’m crazy and just wasting money. When you talk, people tend to listen, thanks for raising awareness. knowledge is power.

Kind Words – From NR — It takes a special spirit to allow others to feel absolutely liberated and beautiful in their presence. Nina Luchka is that special spirit!!! Thank you my friend for giving me the courage to just go for it and allow my inner light to shine!! I ❤️ U to the 💯th degree!!